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EditAIC See amperage interrupt capability.
Edit受容体ドーパント (たとえばホウ素など、半導体に添加する微量の不純物) 少ない数の外殻電子をもった安定した結晶構造の物質。正孔に自由電子を受け入れることができる。
EditActivated Shelf Life" The period of time, at a specified temperature, that a charged battery can be stored before its capacity falls to an unusable level."
EditActivation Voltage(s) The voltage(s) at which a charge controller will take action to protect the batteries.
EditAdjustable Set Point A feature allowing the user to adjust the voltage levels at which a charge controller will become active.
EditAir mass (sometimes called air mass ratio) Equal to the cosine of the zenith angle-that angle from directly overhead to a line intersecting the sun. The air mass is an indication of the length of the path solar radiation travels through the atmosphere. An air mass of 1.0 means the sun is directly overhead and the radiation travels through one atmosphere (thickness).
EditAmbient Temperature The temperature of the surrounding area.
EditAmperage Interrupt Capability (AIC) direct current fuses should be rated with a sufficient AIC to interrupt the highest possible current.
Editアンペア (amp)電流または電子の流れの単位。1ボルトの電圧が1オームの抵抗を流れる量が1アンペアに相当します。
EditAmpere Hour Meter An instrument that monitors current with time. The indication is the product of current (in amperes) and time (in hours).
EditAngle of Incidence" The angle that a ray of sun makes with a line perpendicular to the surface. For example, a surface that directly faces the sun has a solar angle of incidence of zero, but if the surface is parallel to the sun (for example, sunrise striking a horizontal rooftop), the angle of incidence is 90¿¿."
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